Curbs no problem!

Curbs no problem!

What is it?

This is a new product to use with your existing wheelchair that allows you to push over surfaces that would typically be impossible!

The FreeWheel(tm) Wheelchair Attachment is adjustable to fit your footrest. Clamp it on in seconds and your ready to go!

Lightweight and durable, strolling, excercising, hiking or just checking the mailbox is so much easier. Grass, curbs, rough road, etc. can be easily negotiated to help you in your quest of independence!

"After 26 years as a quad in a wheelchair, I don't know how I did it without a FreeWheel!", Morgan, Boise, Idaho.

To get your own FreeWheel and Perch contact:
$499 plus shipping & handling, please allow up to 2-4 weeks for delivery.
PayPal accepted.

Money Back Guarantee. One Year Warranty

FreeWheel Perch

FreeWheel Perch
Store FreeWheel behind you when not in use!

Grass / Paths Easy!

Grass / Paths Easy!

Adjustable FreeWheel fits many footrests: Colours, Kuschall, Invacare, Quickie, TiLite, Top End, more..

Saturday, June 20, 2009

New Users Comments!

I got my FreeWheel a few weeks back. This has been the best $400 I've ever spent on any adaptive equipment. I can now cruise up hills that without the FreeWheel would have been impossible. Grass, gravel, dirt roads are all easy.

Was out on the in-laws farm where I was pretty much confined to the patio or sidewalk before without help. This time I was all over the place with no problems. I'm a C-5, 6 incomplete quad with moderate strength. I never got comfortable balancing in a wheelie, and front casters have limited me forever. No more!

I plan to buy another when my GPV with Xtender wheels gets here. Then my Ti will stay in the car as a travel chair with a FreeWheel in the trunk for cruisin over rough terrain while out and about.

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